Let’s get this party started.

Thursday night is a tea night! That’s how we decided to start our thematic weeks at school, related to culture, language and lifestyle of the English speaking world. The first theme of the week was devoted to the British Monarchy and some of Britain’s finest traditions, such as afternoon tea.
We ‘got acquainted’ with the British Royal Family. The group project led by Austeja, Kaia and Livijus presented us a genealogy tree of descendants of Elizabeth II. The group had done an excellent job. For the first time they gathered information in the target language. In addition to the genealogy tree project, Austeja and Kaia planed and supervised baking for the tea party. The girls teamed up with Gaja, Simen and Steinar. Together they made a delicious chocolate cake and some biscuits, which were later served at the tea.
The tea evening began with the presentation of Truls about the birth of tea tradition in Britain and some funny facts related to tea drinking habits. We carried on by solving crosswords and word searches made by Sigvart. In other words, it was a very nice evening! Thanks to everyone for the contribution! Keep up the great work!

Get the party started right now!

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